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One of those books everyone should read.   Available in ebooks, on line, or from Author House.  Sensible Eating examines food choices from psychological and practical perspectives before giving an overview of the dangers of obesity and diabetes and how these conditions are directly affected by what we eat. The nutritional value of different foods is discussed and information about essential vitamins and minerals is shared.

Rather than promise drastic weight-loss and instant results, I have stressed the importance of taking baby steps. Sensible Eating advocates the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle as part of a larger commitment to balanced living, as it warns against an excessive focus on the superficial benefits from quick fixes or fad diets. Once making healthy choices become second nature, their true impact will become noticeable as body and mind align.

Recognizing that we are confronted with multiple food choices in a variety of circumstances on any given day, Sensible Eating offers tips and strategies for making smart decisions at grocery stores, restaurants, your workplace and those upcoming Holiday parties.

Drawing inspiration from my own culinary heritage, I have also included 10 low-fat, low-sodium recipes with a Caribbean influence that readers can easily prepare and enjoy.

Stop looking for instant gratification; read Sensible Eating and start baby-stepping your way to a new and healthier you. 

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 C. Patricia Leacock-Ballish: I started my nurse training in Edinburgh, Scotland and completed my RN in the USA. I have had the privilege working in several areas of nursing, therefore gaining invaluable experience over the years. I believe that it is important to eat healthy foods. But that cannot be accomplished unless we first make healthy food choices, followed by healthy food preparation.

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